The glorious heritage of बंधेज

The glorious heritage of बंधेज
The ethnic importance of Bandhni Sarees: A perfect wear for festivals like navratri, diwali, rakshabandhan, karwachauth
The tradition of Bandhni has its starts in the history of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The journey of bandhej was soon sung by ladies in the states of India including cities like Mumbai, Ahemdabad, Pune, Delhi, Bengalore, Hyderabad etc. It has roots from an era when the Rajas and Maharajas ruled the great empires of Hindustan. These sarees were wore by women in those days as they had an important cultural and artistic values.
Bandhni is decent prints created on saree using threads and tie & dye technique. These drapes come in different colours that can instantly brighten up the beauty of any woman.
The Art of Bandhej: A Heritage
Each part of bandhni print was handcrafted and handwoven. Lilgers with their expertise, employed threads to tie tight knots in a certain artistic pattern on the entire canvas of the saree. This fabric was then boiled into a tub of colour to give it an endearing hue. It was then left to be air-dried for a certain amount of time before the threads were finally opened from the drape.
The traditional technique of bandhni has survived through times and sarees made by employing this art is loved by women across the Indian subcontinent including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, Newzeland etc. In fact, the feel for these sarees is famous throughout the world, as bandhni sarees are being exported in entire earth.
Bandhej on the Auspicious Occasion of Diwali, Navratri festivals.
The Navratri, diwali are considered most auspicious festival that is celebrated mainly all parts of India. On this occasion, women wear beautiful colours and merge in with the fragrance of the festival.
Vibrant bandhni sarees on festivals will look naturally beautiful. They are available in a variety of colours and designs, often characterizing mirror-works, sequins, embroidery and other embellishments sometimes adorn these endearing sarees that are available in an large number of fabrics.
There are different styles and designs of bandhni including ekdali (single knot), trikunti (triple knots), Dungar shahi (mountain pattern), Kodi (teardrop pattern), chaubandi (four dots) etc. Each design has its own importance and beautifies the base of a saree in a new way.
These traditional sarees give its wearer a ethnic look that has an embedded traditional air. Its elegance, charm and grace lend a mesmerizing vibe the one who adorns it.
Take care of Bandhni Sarees
The sarees containing the style of bandhni or बंधेज are mainly featured on light fabrics such as certain kinds of silks, chiffons, chinon, georgettes and cotton etc.
Giving them for dry-wash is the important way to maintain them.
Another option is bucket wash with light shampoo or premium quality detergent.
Avoid using direct iron on very high heat on a saree featuring bandhej work; Use low heat to iron a bandhni saree
In case the fabric is any kind of silk, avoid to put it under direct sunlight. 
Wash away any spots with water as soon as possible, in case of a stain comes off.
Bandhni sarees or Bandhej are light and bright to look at. These sarees ooze an ethnic aura that is rarely found. These elegant sarees are perfect wears for the auspicious occasions.

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